Acton Village Hall Facilities

Acton Village Hall presents a main hall that will facilitate 200 people sitting and 150 dancing and sitting .Fire doors in red must be kept clear.

The floor is wooden sprung and facilitates a badminton court to match standard.

Rectangular tables of 6ft and 4ft length are available in the hall and meeting room along with chairs.

The Acton Village Hall kitchen has a serving hatch into the main hall which is used whan a bar is required. It contains general domestic provisions and includes a microwave, fridge, dishwasher, 6 hob oven and freezer. It also incorporates an area which can host a bar.

The meeting room is an excellent provision for both commercial and private with space for 30 people sitting.

The changing rooms are in a separate block and can be hired with the sports field.

The Acton Village Hall playing field houses two football pitches (1 x adult and 1x junior) and a cricket square.

The car park has approx 50-60 spaces. It can be used for car boot sales from April to September.


We welcome all to Acton Village Hall

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